Case Study

Smart Online Positioning by GROW Delivers Results for Elfi-Tech

Elfi-Tech is a trailblazer in the field of non-invasive blood flow monitoring solutions for in-hospital and home care. Founded in 2006, the company investigates potential biomarkers for sepsis, stroke, and blood pressure using cutting-edge machine learning techniques and big data analysis by extracting vast hemodynamic data.

The Challenge

Elfi-Tech had an incredible opportunity to showcase the immense potential of their technology to prospective clients. These clients, mainly device manufacturers, were eager to explore the vast possibilities of licensing this groundbreaking technology.

The Approach

Elfi-Tech sought to create a new website to highlight their revolutionary technology, and they turned to GROW for assistance. GROW began by understanding Elfi-Tech‘s unique needs, the challenges they faced, and the market in which they operated. With this understanding, GROW was able to tailor a strategy specifically aimed at positioning Elfi-Tech as an industry leader and piquing the interest of device manufacturers. The strategy combined GROW’s expertise in content writing and high-quality design, highlighting both the innovative technology and the possibilities it brought about.

The Execution

GROW’s content team crafted compelling narratives around Elfi-Tech‘s product, its use cases, and the data it could extract. The content was technical yet accessible, ensuring that it appealed to both the target audience and non-technical stakeholders alike. Each use case was meticulously detailed, drawing readers in and igniting their imaginations about the technology’s potential.

Complementing the engaging content was the modern and visually appealing website design. GROW leveraged its designers to convey Elfi-Tech‘s innovation using high-quality graphics and other visuals. The design team built a website with a modern, upgraded look and feel, incorporating elements that subtly reinforced Elfi-Tech‘s brand image and positioned it in line with the top competitors


The end result was a transformative online presence that significantly enhanced Elfi-Tech‘s visibility in the marketplace. The redesigned website received positive feedback from visitors and industry experts alike. Importantly, the website effectively conveyed Elfi-Tech‘s value proposition to prospective licensing partners, generating substantial interest and inquiries.

GROW’s collaboration with Elfi-Tech underscores the power of targeted content writing, high-quality design, and a tailored approach to meet a client’s unique needs. Through their expertise, GROW was able to turn a challenging project into a success story, transforming Elfi-Tech‘s online presence and opening up new opportunities for them in the marketplace


From our first meeting to the final product, GROW was instrumental in transforming our online presence. They demonstrated a deep understanding of our technology, our industry, and our needs. What stood out was their ability to be responsive to our unique challenges and requests. The GROW team didn’t just deliver a website; they crafted a digital platform that tells our story, showcases our innovation, and connects us with potential partners. Their commitment to seeing the project through to a successful conclusion was unmatched. We’re more than pleased with the results; we’re excited about the future.” –¬†Erez Herman, CEO, Elfi-Tech

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