Effective Corporate Videos

Video is a unique marketing channel that gives you the flexibility to demonstrate your product, showcase customers and partners, and draw on a full range of audiovisual tools to explain complex concepts. The wide range of video production methods available must be carefully considered as well technical considerations to ensure that the content can be accessed from any device.

But most importantly video marketing must form part of the overall content marketing strategy and lead generation initiatives. To be effective, your video marketing must be relevant, clear and concise and fully aligned with your overall marketing and sales strategy, core messages and brand values.

Grow Corporation, will help you plan and execute a video marketing strategy that will deliver measurable results.

Grow Corp's Corporate Video Service: Gone Viral


Ensuring that the video clearly conveys your core messages to your target audience, with the appropriate calls to action.

Script Writing

Creative, simply story-telling that clearly conveys your message.

Story Board

Making sure the production style, voice, music and visuals are in sync with your brand.

Post Production Support

Making sure the production style, voice, music and visuals are in sync with your brand.


Keen business grasp ‒ We understand business and strategy; our video marketing efforts are fully aligned with our clients’ goals and objectives.

Full spectrum of services ‒ We are one of the only B2B agencies in Israel offering a full range of services, from developing a strategic plan to deciding what giveaways to use at the next tradeshow.

Experienced professional team ‒ Grow Corporation has some of the most experienced staff operating in Israel today Our team of hand-picked creative copywriters and strategists will work with you to deliver a best-in-class video marketing campaign that is ideal for your business.

Flexible contracts and fees ‒ We tailor the payment framework that best suits your business requirements and project scope, with flexible pricing options that include fixed-fee, time and materials, and retainers.


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