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Laguna Innovation redefines communication with GROW

Laguna Innovation, a company committed to rethinking wastewater treatment, offers a zero-sludge solution for wastewater treatment and reuse suitable for decentralized and off-grid locations. The company’s solution improves public health and promotes global food security in the developing world while remaining committed to the concepts of sustainability and supporting green agendas in developed regions. Founded in 2020, the company has already 4 operational sites in the Middle East and Africa.


Laguna Innovation required expert support and guidance in developing its business plan, investor presentation, financial model framework, and ongoing content and marketing expertise to refine and develop its website, brochures, and product deck. The company had limited on-site resources and needed a safe pair of expert hands to help it navigate the creation of these essential materials to attract investors, cement partnerships, and drive market opportunity.


Laguna Innovation collaborated with GROW to create a comprehensive digital portfolio of presentations and frameworks to meet demanding market and investor expectations. Included within the portfolio was:

  • A business plan: Finely tuned and curated to meet very specific investor and market expectations, the business plan developed by GROW leveraged the unique sustainability and green credentials on offer from Laguna Innovation to create a strategic outline that’s both relevant and insightful. GROW ensured that the plan highlighted the company’s key selling points while showcasing its growth potential.
  • Investor presentation. The presentation included relevant statistics, insights, research, methodologies, and business strategies. Designed using customized graphics, colors, and imagery, the presentation unpacked the Laguna Innovation business proposition in an engaging format. GROW ensured that it included the information and insights investors expect from a high-level presentation.
  • Content development. GROW leveraged its extensive content and marketing development expertise to design, write and launch marketing materials for Laguna Innovation. The team ensured that the color palette translated across the different media and that the content matched the company’s tone, style, and brand identity. The final marketing toolkit delivered to Laguna Innovation included a website, brochure, and client and investor decks.


Developed on WordPress, laid out in an easy-to-read and navigate format, and designed to be easy to update, the new Laguna Innovation website delivered precisely what the customer needed. The sustainability element was the golden thread carefully curated throughout all materials – from the business plan through to the brochures – and emphasized by the right font, color palette, copy, and graphical elements. The copy, design, and development process were smooth, and the final product was relevant and engaging. The company now has a highly visual and appealing website that it can easily update to keep it fresh and vibrant and that captures the full range of the company’s services and solutions.


“The GROW team understood exactly what we needed to ensure that our brand and business model were accurately conveyed and carried throughout our marketing and business materials. Working with them was effortless, and we will continue working with them well into the future.”

Clive Lipchin, CEO and Co-Founder at Laguna Innovation.

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