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FinTech Startup Achieves Success by Merging Premium Content with Robust SEO

UNIPaaS is a payment solution that transforms how businesses integrate and handle payments, reducing financial operations costs and accelerating the implementation of new growth engines powered by payments and financial services. By monetizing these activities and providing these new services to customers in the right context, digital platforms can increase stickiness and lifetime value and generate additional revenues.


Founded in 2020, UNIPaaS wanted to raise awareness about its groundbreaking payment solution amongst digital marketplaces and B2B platforms. UNIPaaS engaged strategic B2B marketing agency GROW to deliver high-quality content and expert SEO services that would heighten UNIPaaS’ visibility with its target customers and position the company as a thought leader in the field.


GROW’s experienced team of professional content writers and SEO specialists created a roadmap to allow UNiPaaS to stand out as a pioneer and leading player in a crowded market. The resulting efforts included keyword-optimized blogs, reports, press releases, and social media campaigns that employed advanced SEO techniques – such as EEAT and link building – to drive inbound traffic and lead conversions. The content demonstrated UNIPaaS‘ deep knowledge and domain expertise, establishing trust and building its reputation as an industry authority.

The combination of high-quality content and enhanced search engine rankings captured UNIPaaS’ target audience’s attention, generated a positive response, reinforced the brand’s credibility, and subsequently led to prequalified leads.


By leveraging GROW’s strategic approach to SEO-optimized content marketing, UNIPaaS experienced a remarkable surge in its brand’s online presence, fostering heightened user engagement and driving substantial growth in organic traffic.

Increase in Engagement

UNIPaaS witnessed a remarkable enhancement in its inbound traffic over 12 months, registering an impressive 380% surge in impressions and a substantial 165% rise in clicks. This heightened engagement amplified its online visibility and played a pivotal role in generating a larger volume of high-quality leads and driving successful conversion rates.

In one YoY period, GROW’s efforts yielded:

  • 165% increase in clicks
  • 380% increase in impressions

High-Performing Blogs

Creating keyword-optimized blogs is essential to UNIPaaS’ overall SEO strategy to gain brand awareness and drive traffic to the website’s main pages. Through optimizing existing blog posts and publishing new, keyword-rich content with a focus on building a solid internal linking strategy, GROW achieved impressive results for UNIPaaS.

The comparative metrics illustrate this success: in the past six months, clicks surged from 11 to 1230, while impressions skyrocketed from 660 to an impressive 1,350,000.

For example, a new blog targeting people searching for complex payment solutions for their sites has made the page the second best-performing page on the UNIPaaS website after the home page, bringing in approximately 29% of total traffic over the last three months.

These results underscore the substantial impact of the blog-centric approach on UNIPaaS’ digital presence and engagement levels.


Greater Keyword Share

GROW’s concentrated efforts in strategically ranking for specific keywords yielded remarkable results for UNIPaaS. GROW significantly bolstered the payment solution provider’s online visibility and engagement by carefully selecting and targeting industry-relevant keywords. Thorough research, competitor analysis, and a keen understanding of audience preferences enabled GROW to not only drive organic traffic but also align its brand identity with the chosen keywords, as the comparative metrics for the past six months show.

  • 317% increase in clicks
  • 37% increase in impressions
  • Average position increased by 17.8(!)


“Thanks to GROW’s expertise in content and SEO, UNIPaaS has achieved market prominence and solidified its position as a thought leader in the field. The impressive increase in engagement, high-performing blogs, and more significant keyword share are a testament to the success of our partnership.” – Mitch Schneider, VP Marketing

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