Why We Write, When Nobody Reads – Four Reasons to Invest in Content

“No one reads, so why should we write,” is something I often hear from customers. True, no one reads an entire website or every line of a white paper, but saying that people don’t read is a vast oversimplification and missed opportunity.

The Kernel of Great Content

No matter where you plan to invest your marketing efforts — video, slide deck, tradeshow, website or infographic — it all starts with the written world. The core of most marketing content is text, and the better the text is planned, researched and written, the better the outcome.

The Details (Really) Matter

Prospects expect to consume vast amounts of information about your product or service before making a decision. Impulse decisions may get you in the door, but it takes a lot more to carry a significant purchase across the finish line.

One Champion, Twenty Stakeholders

Complex goods and services typically require the buy-in from several stakeholders, with the number of signatures required on a purchase request increasing exponentially with the size of the deal. Even if one of the signatories has an emotional connection to your brand, the rest need to be convinced the old fashioned way, increasing the amount of information required.

We Write, You Grow

But not just any writing. Professionally-written, to-the-point marketing collateral will make the right first impression, and build trust in your values and quality of your products or services.

Who does your marketing writing?

As a full service B2B Marketing Communications company, Grow-Corp uses effective in-house consulting services, strategy, copywriting and design to build integrated end-to-end solutions that adapt to your company’s needs. We offer strategic input based on our deep business understanding and familiarity with the high-tech and industrial markets. You benefit from our 15 years of experience covering all aspects of marketing communications – alternative strategies, copywriting, design and execution. Our professional and experienced team cuts through the noise to deliver a compelling proposition that meets all your needs. We specialize in connecting the dots between the different messages emanating from the company into one clear, concise and convincing message.  For over 15 years, our marketing and strategic advice has helped many businesses and industries, from both start-ups to established multi-nationals around the world. Now, let us help you.

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