Minimum Viable presentations: 5 must-have ingredients for your investor pitch

It’s time to pitch your idea to a potential investor. Now is your opportunity to wow your audience with key insights and creativity. You must get it right as you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

The popularity of TED talks has given way to a new science – the science of attention grabbing.  Most listeners tune out after the first 20 seconds, and most investors hear multiple pitches each day. At GROW CORP, we’ve learned a few attention-grabbing tactics along the way that we want to share with you.

Do not waste time with dramatics or keep the audience in suspense; investors won’t wait around for you to get to the point.

Investors expect clear and concise answers to the following questions:

  1. WHAT: What problem are you trying to solve or what opportunity have you identified? Give an estimate as to the size of the opportunity.
  1. HOW: How are you going to solve this problem or address the opportunity? What combination of technology, human resources and capital are required to develop a solution?
  1. WHO: Tell them why they should choose you to do the job. State your experience and credentials. Don’t be shy, be honest and to the point.
  1. COST: How much money do you need to solve the problem, and how will the funding help you reach significant business milestones?
  1. SALES: How much will customers be willing to pay for your goods or services and how are you going to market and sell your offering and how will you monetize its value?

You should be able to communicate the basics in 5-10 minutes. Prepare a shortened ‘elevator pitch’ version of your speech in case the investor indicates that he has less time. If you’ve made a compelling case, they’ll likely ask you more questions at the end.

Follow up with professional materials to provide more details and to support your pitch.

Contact Grow for a free consultation and together we will upgrade your pitch. Whether you need content marketing, business plans, branding guidance, digital and video marketing, or tradeshow preparation, our strategic advice has helped many businesses, from both start-ups to established multi-nationals around the world. Now, let us help you.

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