Case Study

Comprehensive branding at Startup Speed

OpenD is a global data collection, processing and analysis platform for connected devices. The company uses anonymous, country-level, device-based data combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to create scores and ranks that are customized for specific commercial applications. The enriched data from OpenD helps organizations make strategic, data-based decisions.


As a new company, OpenD wanted to build an accessible marketing portfolio that would allow for the all stakeholders to gain instant visibility into its goals, value proposition, business strategy, product offering and more. For OpenD, it was important to create materials that would showcase the company’s fresh and innovative approaches to data and analytics, and that could be used to engage with customers and stakeholders in the future.


The challenge was, in just three weeks, to create a vibrant portfolio of marketing and branding materials for an internal company conference that was intended to introduce all stakeholders to OpenD’s strategic and marketing ambitions so it could gain approval and move to the next level of its growth and development.


To achieve this seemingly impossible task, OpenD contracted GROW to provide hands-on branding advisory, support and asset deliverables.


GROW’s multi-disciplinary team collaborated closely with OpenD to create an imaginative, smart and cohesive branding and messaging pack that included:

  • Logo design and development in close alignment with the brand and its ideals
  • Infographics and brand messaging: Icons, fonts, images and colors’ development to ensure brand consistency
  • Full website design and development
  • Content marketing
  • Product marketing slide deck & brochure


The GROW ethos of high availability, service and professionalism ensured that OpenD achieved every one of its marketing and branding objectives in time for its internal stakeholder meeting. The exceptional standards of the content ensured that the company met with the board, achieved its approval, and is now moving to the next phase of its exceptional growth.


“We weren’t sure it would be possible to create such a comprehensive branding and marketing portfolio in only three months, but GROW proved us wrong. Not only did we get everything we needed for our internal conference, but it was delivered to exceptionally high standards.” – Zev Morgenstern, CEO of OpenD.

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