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Maris launches global presence with GROW’s B2B capabilities

MARIS TECH, a global leader in high-performance integrated solutions with intelligent video transmission technologies, provides intelligent video solutions designed to meet the demands of commercial and tactical applications. The company delivers high-performance, compact, low-power and low-latency solutions to global industries across defense, unmanned vehicles and drones, space, homeland security and commercial industries.


MARIS TECH was establishing a name for itself on the defense market and was heading towards the initial public offering (IPO) phase on Nasdaq as well as preparing to launch an exhibit at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) 2022 Annual Meeting and Exposition – one of the largest military exhibitions in the United States. However, the company had not developed its branding and had no marketing assets or materials to present at the event. The company had to build its brand and to prepare all the materials required for both the IPO and the event in just under five months, and approached GROW to provide hands-on branding advisory, support and asset deliverables.


GROW created a cohesive marketing and branding solution that encompassed all the essential elements and required materials, on time, and within budget. In close collaboration with the client, GROW created a full branding bouquet that included:
  • Logo design and development in close alignment with the brand and its ideals
  • Icons, fonts, image and color development to ensure brand consistency
  • An investor presentation
  • Full website design and development
  • A corporate video
  • A comprehensive content marketing strategy and portfolio inclusive of company profile and product outlines
  • Exhibition design, collateral and material development


The GROW ethos of high availability, service and professionalism ensured that MARIS TECH achieved every one of its marketing and branding objectives in record time. The exceptional standards of the content, video materials, and assets ensured that the company was presented in the most professional and engaging way possible. The IPO was a success and MARIS TECH is now listed on Nasdaq, and now the company has secured GROW’s services to add on an IR section to the website and to expand its content portfolio.


“We were concerned that we would not be able to achieve our content marketing and marketing collateral objectives in time for both the IPO and the exhibition, but GROW proved us wrong. The team is professional and responsive, and ensured that our materials for the tradeshow, the branding and design, and the entire process were as seamless and engaging as possible. .” Israel Bar, CEO of MARIS TECH.

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