Case Study

GOARC’s marketing & brand presence revitalized with GROW’s B2B content capabilities

GOARC, a global leader in Industry 4.0 digital safety solutions for industrial environments, provides real-time safety intelligence that prevents accidents, reduces risks, and transforms worker safety and engagement. The company has been recognized by Verdantix (an independent research firm) for its outstanding critical event management capabilities via its Safety 4.0 platform and exceptional process safety management and provides companies with everything they need to make the right decision at the right time to reach the next level of operational excellence and profitability.


GOARC collaborated with GROW to develop a vibrant and cohesive strategy with carefully curated messaging that would allow it to stand out as a trusted service provider and innovator in a very traditional market. GOARC blends the latest technology and tech terminology into solutions that address specific pain points for companies operating in industrial environments. However, the market can perceive this as too complicated or threatening.

The sector that GOARC serves has long relied on manual or time-consuming processes built on legacy technology that’s limited in scope and functionality. However, this reliance makes many companies reluctant to step out of their comfort zone – worker and site safety are absolutely critical, and companies don’t want to introduce unnecessary risk. This concern meant that GOARC and GROW had to find an intelligent way of establishing the brand’s capabilities without triggering these pain points.

  • The two companies decided to frame the technology and the smart solutions created by GOARC in a fresh and transparent way, using clear language that informed and advised but didn’t overwhelm or over-complicate. The brand identity, tone, and messaging were then developed in alignment with this objective and ticked the boxes of: straightforward, relevant, simple, and benefits-driven.


GOARC created a cohesive marketing and branding strategy that aligned with the market’s unique perceptions and brought them together with the GROW service offering. The result was a comprehensive branding exercise that included:

  • Simple and straightforward language and tone
  • The GOARC value proposition and technology innovation framed within the right language
  • Messaging crafted to suit the industry and the solutions on offer
  • Content marketing strategy that included blogs, whitepapers, and PRs to cement GOARC’s reputation and standing
  • Website marketing strategy to reinforce the messaging and brand identity


The GROW ethos of high availability, service, and professionalism ensured GOARC achieved its communication and market penetration goals. The website is bright and engaging with crisp messaging, and clear sales points and content has been regularly curated to address particular industry pain points and GOARC solutions. In addition, the content and website strategies are aligned to ensure that every GOARC touchpoint is consistent across the digital ecosystem.

Today, GOARC and GROW continue to collaborate on a cohesive marketing strategy that evolves alongside market demands and perceptions.


“GROW has done an excellent job crafting engaging content for all our marketing needs. Their team deeply understands the market, they do their research thoroughly, and the daily communication and collaboration are as smooth as possible. Excellent service, very good content and deadlines are never missed. We have built a strong online presence and engaged with the sector in fresh ways thanks to this relationship and look forward to continuing this partnership well into the future.” – Jude Liemberg, Marketing Director of GOARC

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